Dad Straps GoPro To Toddler’s Head To Learn All His Sneaky Hide ‘N Seek Secrets

Feb 5, 2016 at 1:34 pm |

Remember What It's Like To Be A Toddler

GoPros have allowed us to go where no amateur videographers have gone before. To the top of the Matterhorn in the Alps, to the trenches of warfare, and with the help of one dad, the mind of a toddler while he’s trying to find his parents.

A dad recently strapped a GoPro camera to his toddler’s head while the whole family was playing hide and seek, and the resulting footage is absolutely adorable. You can SEE this little kid’s logic at work. Find out what his secret weapon is…

toddler plays hide and seek with gopro on

Source: YouTube/@dan

Dad ideas are the best kind of ideas…

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