Chelsea Hides Raunchy Party Gift From Aubree

Feb 10, 2017 at 3:55 pm |

Aubree sees Chelsea's adult gift!

Chelsea Houska and Cole Deboer finally tied the knot in October of last year. However, Teen Mom 2 episodes are filmed months before their television release, which is why we are just seeing some clips from Chelsea’s bachelorette party now. And those clips are awesome!

Like many bachelorette parties, the theme is raunchy. Chelsea’s friends brought over some “party gifts” to help celebrate their girl’s night out, but they were too quick to get the party started and must have forgotten about Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree!

Watch as Chelsea tries to hide the dirty gift from Aubree.

Chelsea and Cole Cute Selfie

Source: Instagram @coledeboer

Aubree wants to play with the “balloon”!

Check out Chelsea's naughty surprise!