Celebrities Who Don’t Immunize Their Kids

Jan 16, 2016 at 10:28 am |

Should they really be saying this stuff?

Famous people are in an interesting position; they have a platform to speak and feel they should use it, but are often viewed as unqualified to take such strong stances on certain topics. One issue in particular that celebrity parents (and sometimes celebrities who aren’t parents) seem to be extremely vocal about is vaccinating children. Vaccination have always been a controversial subject, but it wasn’t until California’s Governor Jerry Brown passed the SB 277 bill (which requires parents to immunize their children before enrolling them in schools and daycare centers) that the rich and famous really started piping up.

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Do these famous faces really know what they’re talking about – or are they just talking? The last one will have you shaking your head!

You'll be shocked at what these celebs have to say!