BREAKING: Joseph Duggar Is Courting!

Mar 8, 2017 at 3:43 pm |

It's about time!

The Duggar family seems to be growing every single day. We’re looking forward to the birth of Jill’s second child, and we’re already celebrating the birth of Jessa’s second baby. We’ve got Jinger married, and we’re planning the wedding of Joy-Anna, who just got engaged. As the children of Michelle and Jim Bob come of age, it’s going to be nothing but engagements, weddings, and babies!

And this time, it’s a guy who’s got his eye on the prize.

joseph and jim bob duggar

Source: Facebook @Duggar Family Official

Finally, a Duggar son has taken it upon himself to start the exciting courtship process with his little sweetheart, and we’re so happy for them!

I think I hear wedding bells in the distance...