Best Ways To Give Oral Pleasure To a Woman

Mar 23, 2016 at 6:34 pm |

LLGO = Ladies Loves Good Oral

Guys, for you, receiving oral is a ball in the park. There are no ins and outs; Not much to it but to lay back and be suctioned off. But for us girls, it’s much more to it. We have to find the right position, so it takes us longer to get comfortable and it has to be done the right way for us to get revved up.

Don’t get it twisted, we love oral, but you can’t learn how to do it properly from a book. The best way to know what your girl likes is to give it some practice. The first few test runs are all about trial and error.

Man kissing woman on floor

Credit: bezikus/Shutterstock

Every woman is different. One may like fingers and tongue thrusts while another likes gentle kisses. A few ladies took to the internet to give tips on how it should be done. Take notes and test it out in real life.

6 easy steps from a real woman’s point of view

6 easy steps from a real woman's point of view