Before And After: Your Favorite Celebrity On Drugs

Oct 22, 2014 at 9:00 am |

The Partying Lifestyle Takes a Toll

It seems like every week, a new story about a celebrity’s drug or alcohol addiction gets exposed by the press and splattered all over the internet.

What people seem to forget as they eagerly jump on board and begin to attack these celebs for their poor life choices is that addiction is a serious disease and not a phase to be taken lightly or a punishment for their lifestyles.

The pressure is always high when you’re famous, and even the most adoring fans are part of the problem. Constantly being in the limelight has led many movie stars and performers down the dangerous path of drugs, and Hollywood has become notorious for its underground drug scenes over the years.

Start the slideshow below to see how drugs have totally transformed some of your favorite celebrities. SHARE if you can’t believe what you see!

nick nolte mug shot

Credit: The California Highway Patrol/Getty Images

I didn’t even recognize #4!

These Transformations Are Wild!