Bankroll Fresh Shootout Video Released and He’s Heavily Armed

Feb 23, 2017 at 4:35 pm |

Talk about heat...

Bankroll Fresh was a 28-year-old rapper when he was shot. The incident happened almost a year ago when the Atlanta rapper was struck down in an unfortunate situation. Details coming out now seem to unfold more of the story, and tell us more about the situation. However, not everything is clear. Police say that Bankroll Fresh may have been acting in self-defense, but it also could have been a situation caused by him. What do you think?

Bankroll fresh rapper photo death instagram car gun ak47

Source: Instagram @streetmoneybankroll

The life of Bankroll Fresh was taken almost a year ago in a shootout. However, new details coming out now may give us an idea of who was at fault.

What was he doing with THAT?