Babs Thinks Jenelle’s Boyfriend Has Too Much Control Over Her

Jan 30, 2017 at 10:44 am |

Is David secretly controlling Jenelle's life?

Barbara may very well be one of the top characters on Teen Mom 2. She’s loud and outspoken, her own children have had many run-ins with the law, but all she does is try to bring some discipline and a sense of responsibility into her rebellious daughter’s life. Barbara can’t yet allow Jenelle to raise Jace because she doesn’t believe she’s ready and she’s not too happy that her daughter just gave birth to her third kid. And that kid’s dad may not be the best influence on Jenelle. Babs had something interesting to say about what she thinks is going on between Jenelle and David.

Jenelle and David in Car

Credit: MTV

Jenelle’s overbearing mom, Barbara, is starting to think that Jenelle may be completely under the control of her new baby daddy.

Does mother know best about this situation or does she have it all wrong?