Is Angie Martinez About to Release the Full Tupac Interview?

Feb 17, 2017 at 12:03 pm |

Bringing him back

Angie Martinez has been keeping something from the public from quite some time now. The now 46-year-old radio personality published her work titled My Voice: A Memoir in May of 2016 and she talks about lots of things that people seem to be interested in.

The most important one is her interview with Tupac Shakur. Knowing about it for years, people still wonder if we’ll ever get to hear the full length audio from the conversation. Tupac is was such a big celebrity that you know people want to hear more about. We may have finally gotten a little bit closer to Martinez releasing the full interview we’ve all wanted to see.

Angie Martinez interview radio my voice books

Credit: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Tupac has been gone for a while, but when someone has the chance to release unseen footage of the legendary rapper, will they do it?

When will she release it?