Amazing Russian Military Facts

Oct 14, 2014 at 2:58 pm |

The World's Largest Country Has a Military to Support it

For Americans, Russia has always had an air of mystery surrounding it. Russians are the generic enemy spies in every American spy movie ever made! For many, Russia is simply that enormous, knock-off United States that’s super communist, where the people drink a lot of Vodka, where women are all 7-foot-tall supermodels, and where nuclear bombs are as prolific as black bears. All (or some) of these things may or may not be true, but you’ve got to hand it to Russia; when it comes to their military, these guys have NOT been messing around (that much). In WWII, the Allies could never have won without Russian support. Throughout the Cold War, Russia’s advanced military technology kept the stalemate intense and the risk high. Today, Russia’s well-established nuclear program makes them a threatening force on the international stage.

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Some of this stuff is straight out of a Cold War spy movie!

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