11 Times Amy Schumer’s Facial Expression Perfectly Described Your Feelings

Dec 16, 2015 at 12:22 pm |

Amy Schumer Doesn't Need to Smile

Amy Schumer has no problem telling us how she feels — because she literally has no sensor. And this is what we love most about the massively successful comedian. But before she’s even able to blurt what’s on her mind, Amy’s facial expressions gives her away. They are varied, and they are AMAZING. Amy doesn’t even smile when she’s asked to. Did you see her Pirelli Calendar shot? She’s slouching and drinking a cup of coffee — and people went GAGA over the Annie Lebovitz photo.

Basically Amy gets to react in the ways we all wish we were able to.

Check out these eleven facial expressions we all have in our arsenal — and don’t forget to SHARE. Because Amy’s face is awesome.

Source: Instagram/@amyschumer

Source: Instagram @amyschumer


Her facial expressions are my spirit animal.

Her facial expressions are my spirit animal.