10 Secrets Adele Would Rather You Didn’t Know About Her

Nov 30, 2015 at 11:31 pm |

'25' And Still Very Private

Sorry T-Swift, step aside. Adele has once again returned to the spotlight to remind us that while other celebs may be glitzier than she is, have more poppin’ dance moves, more social media followings upwards of twice the population of South Africa, but what keeps us coming back to her music is her raw, unassuming talent. With her first week sales for ’25’ nailing a record-breaking 3.4 million, a full million atop its projected numbers (making up 41% of sales in the entire industry last week in the USA,) it’s time we bowed down to the UK talent.

Part of what keeps us coming back to Adele’s music is the mystery surrounding her personal life. We’re not inundated with her image, or her personal stories and political views, so to experience the artist you have to go directly to the source – her music. We’re left feeling curious about the low-profile A-lister. So, what do actually know about the Tottenham-born voice of an angel?

We’ve done some digging through Adele’s files, and have come up with some pretty interesting material…

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adele performing looking worried

Credit: Ian Gavan/Staff/Getty Images

I had no idea about her first love…

"Hello" it's her...