Food Hacks For Every Pastry Cook

Sep 2, 2015 at 4:53 pm |

Can you barely boil water? Or are you a contender for Master Chef? Either way, we’ve gathered some food hacks that will be useful to you no matter what level chef you are. Making desserts can be messy and time consuming, but check out these handy tricks that will have you baking like a pro.

1. Keep brown sugar soft and not clumpy by putting a marshmallow into the bag.


clumpy brown sugar close up with small wooden spoon

Source: Instagram @Madlen


2. Don’t be scared of salt. Liberally salt your desserts to bring out flavor.

small bonbon chocolates with sea salt sprinkled on top

Source: Instagram @makia_m


3. Want evenly portioned cookies and cupcakes? Try using a spring-loaded ice cream scoop to dish out your dough. This set of three different sized ones are $13.


three different sized stainless steel spring loaded ice cream scoops


4. The next time you make cookies, create extra dough. Form perfect tablespoon portion sizes and freeze it. Then you are ready to go once that craving hits.


small chocolate chip cookie dough balls on parchment layered in tupperware for freezing

Source: Instagram @_vixxxx

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