Find Out Why This Man Isolated Himself From Society For 25 Years

Nov 6, 2015 at 9:23 am |

For the past 25 years, artist Ra Paulette, accompanied by only his dog, has been hiding out in the sandstone hills of New Mexico. Why does he spend so much time away from society? He has been carving out man-made caves in the desert and then sculpting these spaces into works of art he calls “wilderness shrines.”

sandstone cave 001

Source: YouTube @CBS Sunday Morning

They are breathtakingly beautiful and intricate, especially considering it was one 67-year-old man who carved them and with only hand tools. When asked if he his obsessed (because come on, 25 years is a looooong time), he says, “You know, when you do something you love and are draw to it, you wanna do it all the time.”

sandstone cave 002

Source: YouTube @CBS Sunday Morning

But besides art and passion, what’s the point? Ra says he views it as an environmental project. “I’m trying to open up people’s feelings.” He loves playing with space like an architect would — except he has no degree in design or architecture. He’s just a man who is so passionate about what he does and learns as he goes. He’s made about a dozen caves (so far), most of which were commissioned by local residents at a mere $12 an hour. One of his caves even has power, a wood floor and a bathroom with running water.

sandstnoe cave 003

Source: YouTube @CBS Sunday Morning

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