Are You Star Wars Obsessed? Now Your Nails Can Be Too!

Nov 12, 2015 at 5:11 pm |

storm trooper nails

Source: Instagram @cutepolish

Hello, ladies (and gents)! Nail art is all the rage these days, but it can be so expensive to get them done in the salon. If your like me and prefer to do them in the comfort home (so you can watch trashy television or horror movies while you do it), you can get even more creative than the salon people. Flowers and hearts are for the birds. Get unique and get cooler than that.

There’s an awesome YouTube vlogger and Instagrammer named Sandi (aka CutePolish) who teaches you how to do spectacular nail art. She makes it look so easy because it really can be!

Star Wars isn’t just for obsessive fan boys. I can’t wait for the new installment, The Force Awakens. Show off your inner Dark Side with these Storm Tropper Nails.

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