Everyone Loves Nachos

Aug 31, 2015 at 10:51 am |

A friend gave me some solid dating advice: Don’t bother with a man that won’t buy you nachos. Not only are nachos delicious and affordable, they are great for sharing or just gorging on yourself. And who doesn’t love nachos? You can keep your dozen red roses, I want a hot and fresh nacho plate from my suitors. Check out some shots of various nacho styles.

1. Classic nachos with ground meat.


nachos with ground beef avacados salsa leanne_gentile cilantro and melted cheese sour cream

Source: Instagram @leanne_gentile


2. Healthier chicken nachos.


chicken nachos with fresh onion cilantro and tomatoes by

Source: Instagram @langernutrition

3. Baked nachos with pulled pork.

baked pulled pork nachos with melted cheese green onion fresh jalapenos by

Source: Instagram @viralthread

4. Classic bar style.


classic bar nachos with melted cheese pickled jalapeno tomatoes red onion chopped lettuce sour cream and salsa by

Source: Instagram @itisnachoproblem

These are my nachos, nacho nachos.