Easy Recipes: Mac and Cheese Waffles

Oct 23, 2015 at 2:49 pm |

In the mood for an upgraded mac and cheese? Call it a mac n cheese sandwich or a macaroni and cheese waffle, but whatever you decide to call it, it’s guaranteed to be easy and delicious. Yay for cheesy easy recipes! ;)

All you need for this easy recipe is two boxes of mac and cheese, shredded cheese and a waffle iron. So simple that your kids could make it, but you might want it all for yourself. When you are craving some comfort food, something creamy, something cheesy and something crispy, look no further.

You can always customize your mac and cheese waffle sandwich by putting in vegetables, ground beef, bacon or even more cheeses. Who doesn’t like cheese and who doesn’t like crispy, crunchy things? Forget eating out of a bowl, eating with your hands is the cool new way to eat mac and cheese. Watch how easy it is!

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Your new favorite way to eat mac and cheese!