Easy Recipes: Bacon Mozzarella Sticks

Nov 6, 2015 at 2:30 pm |

Bacon mozzarella sticks are the ultimate and easiest deep fried snack. It combines our love for bacon and our love for cheese into one. Not only is it delicious, it’s quick. The results are gooey and creamy in the center and crispy and smokey on the outside. Check out the video and see the full recipe below.

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Ingredients: The only ingredients you need are mozzarella sticks (duh), some bacon (adoi), toothpicks and oil for frying. Plus some marinara sauce if you want a dipping sauce.

Process: Simply cut mozzarella string cheese in half, vertically, to make them smaller. Wrap each in 1 strip of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Heat a pot of oil big enough to submerge a couple sticks at a time to about 375 degrees. Fry each wrapped stick (along with the toothpick) until golden brown. Remove from oil and let cool slightly. Remove the toothpicks before serving. Tip: It helps to freeze the string cheese before you wrap with the bacon and deep fry so that the cheese stays inside the bacon.

If you are like me and have a virtually empty fridge, this snack is right up your alley. Hot and delicious, we dare you not to eat them all. These bacon mozzarella sticks are also great for parties and game day. You can make them in advance and just warm them up in the oven when it’s showtime. You don’t need any more stress as a host(ess), so give this recipe a whirl and thank us later.

Bet you can’t eat just one.