Dying Single Dad Turns To Crowdfunding For His Little Boy

Nov 5, 2015 at 3:20 pm |

Have you heard of crowdfunding? It’s when you raise funds for a project through strangers over the internet. You can invest in new ideas, products and serves or just donate money. This is what Tasmanian Nathan Colman has started after having only months left to live because of brain cancer. Except the crowdfunding isn’t for him, it’s for his son’s future.

Colman is a single dad who was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2012.

Through GoFundMe, he is asking for a total of AU$20,000 (which is roughly $14,000 in US) to help his 5-year-old sonn Asaiah. Asaiah will start a new lifefi wiith Colman’s sister and her husband in Queensland.

nathan colman gofundme

Source: GoFundMe

This is the only thing left he can do for his son.