Doughy Desserts

Aug 18, 2015 at 4:13 pm |

Do you like a substance to your desserts? Perhaps sweet, soft, flaky dough? I’m not talking about pie and cake (even though those things are fantastic) – I’m talking about something to boost your already delicious sweet treat. Check out these photos of some amazingly doughy desserts.

1. How about a donut and cupacake sundae?

donut ice cream sundae

Instagram: @donutscookiesandcream

2. Like to keep it simple? How about a classy custard?

custard dessert thing

Instagram: @julesfood

3. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I want it.

ice cream waffle thingie

Instagram: @dailyfoodfeed

4. Beautiful, but deadly. I’ll take my chances. A red velvet funfetti cheesecake with Rice Krispie crust. (Technically there’s no dough, but I hope you’ll still enjoy it.)

red velvet cheesecake rice krispie

Instagram: @nycdining

5. Waffles. Is there anything you can’t pair with them?

smores waffle 00

Instagram: @dcfoodporn

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Sweet noms after your savory noms.