Do You Love Red Velvet?

Sep 7, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Love it or hate it, red velvet flavored desserts are here to stay. As a visually striking treat, they traditionally come with a tasty cream cheese frosting. But there are food mavericks out there who have a lot of fun playing around with variations of red velvet cake. Check out some of the best the web has to offer and then get yourself to your nearest bakery.

1. Red velvet waffle with vanilla ice cream, red velvet Oreo and red velvet PopTart.


red velvet waffle with vanilla ice cream red velvet oreos and poptart on top

Source: Instagram @meal

2. Red velvet ice cream in a dark chocolate cone


hand holding chocolate ice cream cone with red velvet ice cream

Source: Instagram @miriam_mohan_george

3. Red velvet cake layered with cheesecake


a slice of red velvet cake layered with cheesecake

Source: Instagram @vickypellerano

4. Meta red velvet cupcake


red velvet cupcake topped with four mini red velvet cupcakes

Source: Instagram @dessert__lover

5. Red velvet pancakes with strawberries


stack of red velvet pancakes with strawberries

Source: Instagram @jess.xv.v

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