Do You Love Lobster?

Oct 26, 2015 at 3:38 pm |

You know we love our burgers and bbq, but we’re not strictly into land meats. I love my seafood more than you can image and even though it’s getting colder out I can still eat lobster anytime. Check out these 6 delicious images to get you in the mood to treat yourself to some fancy crustaceans. What’s your favorite seafood? Let us know on our Facebook page and we’ll put together some food porn for you!

1. Lobster eggs benedict

lobster eggs benedict with asparagus

Source: Instagram @ktbffhsw6


2. Whole lobster with a whole lot of delicious friends

whole lobster in the shell with crab shrimp mussels

Source: Instagram @myfunfoodiary

3. Lobster roll

hand holding a lobster roll with scallions

Source: Instagram @redhooklobster

4. Lobster mac and cheese

lobster mac and cheese in a skillet on a wood plank

Source: Instagram @

5. Surf and turf

surf and turf lobter and steak

Source: Instagram @ggaemji

6. With pasta

lobster pasta

Source: Instagram @jenjen_hyon

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