Dig Into These Donuts

Sep 21, 2015 at 1:18 pm |

Donuts are one of the best food inventions out there. Doughy, soft and sweet. Deep fried. There are so many flavors out there to suit everyone. From a classic plain to the more modern foodie donut creations that involve candy bars and cereal, there seems to be an endless supply of flavors to try out. Check out some of the most mouth watering donuts that Americans have created lately. Which kinds are your favorite? Let us know on Facebook!

1. Cronuts

two cronuts

Source: Instagram @donutscookiesandcream

2. Fall flavors

four fall flavored donuts

Source: Instagram @happycamperptown

Pumpkin spice, cranberry walnut, apple pie and cinnamon oatmeal.

3. Fruity Pebbles

fruity pebbles donut

Source: Instagram @erinjbgood

4. Peanut butter fudge pie with ice cream

peanut butter fudge donut

Source: Instagram @districtdonuts

What’s your favorite kind?