Delectable Desserts Of The Day

Oct 7, 2015 at 3:57 pm |

We here appreciate dessert as much as you do. Something simple like cannoli can be picture perfect. A dessert bagel can be mind-blowing outrageous. Check out 6 of our favorite desserts from today on Instagram. Let us know your favorite of the day by posting to our Facebook page.

1. Cannoli

cannoli with chocolate chips

Source: Instagram @cteatsout

2. Fluffer Nutter and fudge walnut brownie sandwich with soy cherry chip ice cream


Fluffer Nutter and Fudge Walnut Brownie sandwich with Soy Cherry Chip Ice cream

Source: Instagram @donutscookiesandcream

3. Assorted donuts

assorted nyc donuts

Source: Instagram @eatingnyc

4. Donut sundae

donut sundae

Source: Instagram @donutscookiesandcream

5. Kinder Bueno & Maltesers cake

Kinder Bueno and Maltesers Cake

Source: Instagram @explorer09

6. Dessert bagel: Funfetti” cream cheese and cotton candy

Rainbow bagel with Funfetti cream cheese and cotton candy

Source: Instagram @theknowitallsnyc

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