I Got Botox and I’m Not Ashamed of It

May 15, 2015 at 7:20 pm |

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My Thoughts and Tips on Before and After Receiving Botox.

On the heels of Hannah’s post this week on the Kardashians’ use of lasers to prevent cellulite and become free of stretch marks, I thought I’d delve just a little deeper into the plastic surgery pool.

For so many people, it’s interesting how plastic surgery is such a touchy subject. Some people feel it’s pure vanity; others feel it’s a way to simply feel better in their own skin.

I feel like I fall somewhere in between. I have been very transparent about having an abdominoplasty after my 129 pound weight loss. I had skin on my abdomen that literally hung from my belly and no amount of crunches would have ever repaired the damage I had done to that specific area. My only options? Either live with all that excess skin or have it removed. After weighing the pros & cons I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I will tell you it was the BEST thing I have ever done. Taking this route had nothing to do with vanity but was my way of repairing years of skin damage and, simultaneously, begin a new chapter in the body I had worked so for.

Now, on to something that most would consider vanity: Botox.

Even though I don’t believe the Kardashians have ever come clean about having Botox or fillers in their famous faces, I am sure they have used this procedure. That perfectly smooth skin, unfortunately, is not a gift from just mother nature, but simply from the helping hand of a skilled plastic surgeon. (I should know I’ve had it done to my own face more than once. Shock-horror!)

To be fair, I worked for a plastic surgeon for years and it was available to me as an office perk. Now honestly ask yourself, haven’t you ever been curious? I was and so I took the plunge. Another admission: I really liked it. Was it necessary at 34 years old to “Botox up my face”? Definitely no. Was it vanity? Probably…but in the end, I saw results that I really enjoyed and that’s all that mattered.

Like most people during the beginning process of experiencing Botox, I was super nervous. Was it going to hurt? Would I look like Joan Rivers? Would I be able to make a facial expression again? All these questions are completely normal and should be asked.

My biggest advice? Be informed and do your research. Make sure you have questions for the doctor and don’t be afraid to have a consultation first to see if you are a good candidate. Should you decide you aren’t ready to take the plunge, be confident enough to walk out the door. If you decide you want to go under the needle, here are my three tips:

Three Tips for Botox Before and After Receiving:

1. Schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Seriously people: as Botox gains in popularity, it is a medical procedure and can have terrible side effects when administered incorrectly (as in one whole side of your face can be paralyzed for up to 3-6 months). YIKES! Skip the Botox deals at the spa and stick with the doctors!

2. Take it easy for the first 12-24 hours after you have had it done.

This would be the day to skip the gym or the massage. Remember Botox is a liquid and can move around in the face, so take a chill day and keep those hands off the face. Those first few hours are crucial as it does take anywhere from 3-5 days for Botox to kick in.

3. Ask tons of questions.

Not just to your doctors, but to anyone you know that has done it. This is great for your peace of mind as well as it will help you decide what things you would like to discuss with your doctor. One of my biggest question as, “will I look frozen?” I told her I wanted to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles on my forehead and crows feet, but wanted to still be able to move my face. By thoroughly asking questions, together we were able to achieve that appearance and I left happy.

Simply stated, you are the ONLY one that can make the decision as to what is right for your body and your life. I say if you decide to try any of these procedures do it with confidence and be open with it! So, I’m dying to know — What did you think of your experience or have you tried this procedure?

Stay Happy & Healthy!!

Olivia xo

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