Big Appetite? These Big Desserts Are For You

Sep 3, 2015 at 12:16 pm |

Some people just have bigger appetites. An 8 ounce steak won’t fill them up and neither will one puny scoop of ice cream. They make Hungry Man dinners, but what about Hungry Man desserts? Check out these massive desserts that weren’t really meant for sharing.

1. Waffles and ice cream

larget stack of belgium waffles layered with fruit and various flavors of ice cream and a woman pouring two different sauces on top

Source: Instagram @dreamfood

2. Cinnamon buns

platter of cinnamon buns with frosting

Source: Instagram @dreamfood

3. This needs a name. I call it Nirvana.

milkshake in a mason jar topped with pancakes waffles and four donuts

Source: Instagram @dreamfood

4. Mecha milkshakes

woman holding two milkshakes in mason jars topped with candy nuts whipped cream and marshmallows

Source: Instagram @dreamfood

Could you finish one of these yourself?