Bad Restaurant Habits People Need to Stop Doing

May 12, 2015 at 5:53 pm |

Going to a restaurant for a nice meal is a great way to enjoy an evening. Of course, you’re spending the extra money so you’d prefer if that meal was extra special. Then, you look to your right to see a couple arguing; to your left, a woman using flash to take a photo of an iced tea; and in front of you, your date is talking on the phone with her roommate.

You probably ask yourself: why are these people even going out if you’re going to spend the whole time doing everything but enjoying the experience? We’re asking it, too. That’s why we made a list of bad habits that make you want to say, “check, please!” in hopes that a few of those people to your left and right will get the hint.

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Start the slideshow to see which of these bad habits are on your pet peeves list.

How many of these bad habits are on your pet peeves list?