Bacon’s Bad For You? Who Cares!

Oct 29, 2015 at 3:05 pm |

You might have heard the big news lately: Bacon is now considered a carcinogenic to humans according to the World Health Organization. Look, we always knew bacon wasn’t health food. It should be enjoyed sparingly (which does make it even more desirable), like with all processed meats. We’ve got the next best thing to gorging on bacon, which is oogling bacon. So if you’re trying to cut back on the good stuff, just look at it instead. Here are some reasons why we love bacon. Enjoy!

close up of perfectly cooked bacon

Source: Instagram @paleomagazine

1. It pushes a fried chicken sandwich over the top.

fried chicken sandwich with pickles tomatoes and thick bacon buttermilk

Source: Instagram @dailyfoodfeed

2. On a burger? Of course. A must.

bacon burger with cheese fries

Source: Instagram @ilicilho

3. The greatest sandwich ever invented: The BLT


open faced blt wrap

Source: Instagram @lazy_keto

4. It even ups the vegetable game.

bacon wrapepd brussel sprouts

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5. It works as a dessert.

bacon covered in chocolate

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6. Because we can.

grill of bacon wrapped hot dogs peppers onions

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Will you cut back on bacon?