This 5 Minute Workout Will Change Your Monday

Mar 23, 2015 at 12:14 pm |

Monday Work Out

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It’s Monday, and the last thing you’re probably thinking about is when you’ll be headed to the gym. First, you need coffee, then more coffee. If you’re like us, you may need to burn a few extra calories after a weekend of brunching, drinking, and snacking while catching up on some Netflix. To start the week off right, take five minutes to try these three moves at your desk.

They probably won’t give you Beyonce’s behind or Taylor Swift’s abs, but this quick workout will burn a few calories at an otherwise static part of your day. Brought to you by Sadie Lincoln, of Barre3 fame, these low-impact exercises incorporate ballet into yoga and Pilates to burn fat and build muscle.

Sumo Squats

Barre3 Sadie Lincoln Simple Squat

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This exercise incorporates one of our favorite actions (sitting down) with one of our least favorite actions (sitting up).

Stand with legs wide, and your butt pushing back as if you’re about to sit down. Lift your lower belly as you reach your arms forward. Stand tall as you swing your arms behind you. Lower yourself and swing your arms forward to your original position.

Leg Burn

Barre3 - Sadie Lincoln - Leg Burn

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Here’s a fun move to get your legs, abs and behind to wake up.

Rest one leg on the seat of your chair with the other slightly bent. Keep your torso straight and your abs tight. Slowly drop down one inch and lift back up. May sound simple, but we promise this one will burn!

Power Leg

Barre3 - Sadie Lincoln - Power Legs

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Get your Michael Jackson on and show your co-workers how it’s done.

This move is simple: make your legs even with your hips and bring your heels off the floor. There’s no movement; the strain from balance is enough.

That’s all you need to get a great workout at your desk. For full instructions, watch the video below:

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Burn those extra calories you consumed over the weekend with this 5 minute workout that can be done at your desk!