5 Hacks To Clean Your Sneakers

Sep 24, 2015 at 2:33 pm |

Any sneakerhead knows how hard it is to keep those kicks clean. Those white rubber parts get dirty super fast, especially if you happen to live in a big city and do lots of walking. Get those good looking shoes sparkling like new again with these easy tips and tricks.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


mr clean magic eraser box

Source: Amazon.com

Buff away scuffs with this wondrous invention.

2. Baby oil


bottles of baby oil

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Using a cotton ball, gently rub out those stains. Plus it won’t ruin the fabric.

3. Washing machine


sneakers in water

Credit: 9george/Shutterstock

Wash them in cold water and air dry them.

4. In a rush?


make up removing wipes

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Make-up wipes do a great job at cleaning up your shoes

5. Abrasive cleanser


detergent powder cleaner abrasive

Credit: KorArkaR/Shutterstock

Take an abrasive bathroom cleanser like Comet or Ajax and scrub out those stains with a wet washcloth.

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Save your shoes!