5 Foods You Should Avoid For Summer Weight Loss

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I know, I know…it seems like everywhere you turn people are telling us you shouldn’t eat this or that. If we are serious about burning fat this summer (I know I am) then, maybe instead of indulging in these summer treats on the daily, we can just keep them on the “treat list” instead. Not only will you feel better, but you will quickly see results in not just weight loss over all, but a definite reduction in body fat! Let’s keep it lean & green this summer. Your best beach body will love you for it!!

1. Avoid Chips if You Want to Lose Weight

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This totally sounds like a no brainer, but how many times have you found yourself at a BBQ or a party and those pesky little salty friends find a way onto your plate? I know for me I always try to load my plate with protein and veggies to “justify” a handful (or two) of chips. Yes, they are delicious, but they are also packed with empty calories, sodium, and usually tons of unhealthy fats.

In addition to all of that the usual serving size for potato chips and the like is very small, many people indulge in 3-4 servings without even knowing it. So, skip the chips and all the fat and reach for things like fruit & veggies instead. Keep your plate colorful and interesting and I bet you won’t even miss them!

2. Energy Drinks Are Weight Loss Restrictors

Yes, even the ones that give you wings! These little cans of crazy will definitely give you a jolt, and might just get you through that afternoon slump, but oh boy will you come crashing down a few hours later. Why, you ask? They are PACKED with sugar.

Sugar, in large doses, will give you a definite boost in energy during the short term, but about an hour or two later you will come crashing down…and hard. Wings are fun until they are gone and you have no parachute.

It’s true that sugar has no “fat” calories, but what it manage to do is way worse. By inundating the body with big levels of sugar the body reacts by producing more insulin to manage the chemical reaction the body has to the sugar. These spikes in insulin not only put great strain on your body, but they will make you more hungry and cause the body to store more fat (aka more jiggle in your bikini… no bueno). So, instead of reaching for one of these types of beverages switch to something different this summer like an iced green tea, you still get the boost you need minus the sweet sting after!

3. Frozen Yogurt Is Not Good FroYo Thighs

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I don’t think it’s possible these days to pass a street corner without seeing a frozen yogurt stand pop up. They are everywhere! There is definitely an argument for frozen yogurt being lower in fat and calories than traditional ice cream, but let’s be REAL honest, when was the last time you got a small cup of frozen yogurt and didn’t put any of those tasty toppings on top? You know I’m right. Reeces, chocolate chips, and maybe a few sprinkles? Well, that small cup of “healthier” frozen yogurt just lapped your normal scoop of ice cream.

Also beware of the many places advertise things like “fat free” this or “sugar free” that. Unfortunately these “free” options are just full of other unhealthy ingredients like artificial sweeteners or extra sugar to make up the taste difference. As tough as it is to just walk on by this summer, maybe try a fun new all fruit popsicle or even better make your own at home.

4. Ketchup Will Not Help You Catch Up With Weight Loss

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Do you know what’s one of the main ingredients in a ketchup? No, not tomatoes; it’s actually high fructose corn syrup. I’ll admit I had NO idea this unassuming condiment was packed with the stuff. Ketchup is definitely around all year, but I find with all the “outdoor” eating going on in the summer: hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries, ketchup seems to be everywhere. I’ll even admit I try to pass up condiments like flavored mayo and the like and reach for the red stuff instead because it is less fat, which is true. However, sugar can be just as detrimental to fat loss as actual fat, and this ruby colored flavoring is packed with it. Instead of slathering your burger with it this summer, a better option is to just reach for a real slice of tomato. If you just HAVE to have a spread on your hot dog then mustard is your best bet. Not only is it low in sugar and fat, but it packs a huge flavor punch and has tons of great health benefits.

5. Artificial Sweeteners Will Sabotage Diet

This one by far for me is the HARDEST one to kick, primarily because it is in EVERYTHING these days. Not only do you find it in everything, but it is an easy fix to your sweet tooth, or so you think. Many studies have shown that people who consume artificial sweeteners are more likely to consume up to 25% more calories on a daily basis than those who don’t. Why? Artificial sweeteners make you hungry. So, as you consume them thinking you are doing “good” by your diet you are actually sabotaging your appetite at the same time! Overeating becomes the norm thus packing in extra unnecessary fat and calories.

Plus, artificial sweeteners are just unhealthy. We’ve all seen the terrifying pictures scientists have released of mice who are fed lots of artificial sweetener chemicals that have grown extra legs and are riddled with cancer and other scary diseases. I know we can all agree we don’t want that! I have cute ears, but I don’t want three. Haha! When that sweet tooth creeps up, skip the “sugar free” treat and reach for a juicy piece of fruit instead. They are in season and taste way better in the long run.

So, there you have it! My top 5 foods to avoid this summer, some might be no brainers, but I tell you what: I have to be vigilant keeping them out of my daily routine especially in the summer. Let’s keep the fat at bay and enjoy our summer at the same time. Let me know in the comments below any other “danger” foods you find in your diet that creep in when the weather turns up! I’d love to know!!

Stay Happy & Healthy!!

Olivia xo

It’s easy to enjoy your weekend barbecues if you avoid these five foods this summer…