You Won’t Believe What They Did to this Big Mac

Jun 26, 2015 at 1:32 pm |

Okay, some of you get a bucket ready to catch your drool; everyone else, get a bucket ready to catch your barf. Peep My Eats just showed the world how to deep fry a Big Mac. Which totally makes sense, because, when I’m at McDonalds, all I ever hear is people complaining that the Big Mac is just not unhealthy enough. “If only there’s something I could do so I didn’t have to wait a few years and just have my heart attack right now.”

Well, now there is. Just take that Big Mac home, batter it up with egg and panko bread crumbs, and fry it in some deliciously unhealthy oil. We recommend a mix of corn oil and bacon fat, because hell, why not?

In all seriousness, I’ll hand it to Peep My Eats as they made something pretty spectacular there. Though I will say the half-eaten one looks a little less appetizing. I’m sure for the person eating it, it probably gets a little tough to finish. My heart is panicking just looking at this concoction.

We want to know what you think about this deep-fried creation. Would you eat it? Or are you absolutely disgusted by it? Personally, I wouldn’t touch the thing, I gotta watch my love handles… or lack thereof. However, I’d never stop anyone else from enjoying this treat.

Would you try Peep My Eats Deep Fried Big Mac creation?