You Need To Peep These Burgers

Oct 21, 2015 at 2:51 pm |

It’s time for some burger love! What better hump day treat than to eat a big, meaty burger? A side of hot, salty fries and maybe a bubbly beverage (we can’t condone you drink during the day, but we won’t tell). Treat yo’self to something delicious today. It’ll make your day go by faster and before you know it it’ll be the weekend and you indulge in more deliciousness. Make Wednesday your new cheat day!

1. We scoff at your puny triple cheeseburger

four patty cheeseburger with fries

Source: Instagram @teamfoodbible

2. Mini ramen wagyu burger

mini ramen burger slider

Source: Instagram @myfoodstgram

3. At least it’s low carb

very tall cheeseburger with over 15 patties

Source: Instagram @dreamfood

4. Of course we need one with bacon

triple cheeseburger with bacon 001

Source: Instagram @foodbeast

5. Double patty and double chicken cheese burger because why not?

double patty and double chicken cheeseburger

Source: Instagram @foodtalkindia

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Happy Hump Day!