Would You Eat a Reese’s Pieces Ice Cream Cake? Yes.

Jul 17, 2015 at 6:37 pm |

I spent many hours in Friendly’s as a child. I don’t remember what I’d order for dinner, but I’d always order a Conehead Sundae without fail. Even into my teens, it was my favorite. Unfamiliar? It’s an upside ice cream cone with a whipped cream collar and Reese’s Pieces for a face and at the bottom.

Just a small handful of Reese’s wasn’t enough for some people. There are people out there that want ALL the Reese’s. So Friendly’s launched a — check your blood sugar — Reese’s Pieces ice cream cake. “Peanut butter ice cream with mini Reese’s pieces dipped in orange colored confection coating with a yellow whipped icing shell border and topped with Reese’s Pieces,” says Friendly’s website. Wait. So basically it’s jus tone giant Piece?! Right now is when you should whip our your smartphone map. It’s supposed to serve 12 to 15, but let’s be realistic here — it’s serves one, but a couple of times.

The Reese’s Cake joins their previous “holy crap” cake, the Oreo cake, which is another ice cream cake packed full of additional goodies.

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