Why Eat Regular Looking Food When You Have Cute Food?

Jul 20, 2015 at 4:03 pm |

Have you heard of the Japanese bento box? They are single portion take-out or homemade meals. The traditional ones usually have rice, a protein and some vegetables. There are specialized ones called kyaraben in which the food is shaped to resemble cartoon, comic or video game characters. Ones that are shaped and styled to look like animals, buildings, and landscapes are called oekakiben.

In Japan, lots of everyday things are art forms and that includes food, even at-home cooking. Lots of Japanese parents or just kawaii (“cute”) lovers make adorbs shaped foods. Check out some of the awesome edible art that some lucky children get to eat.

These photo are from Ming aka bentomonsters on Instagram. She says she’s “just a mum who enjoys making food cute for her 2 boys.” “Just” is an understatement! She’s a super mom whose Instagram blows away most chefs away. I can’t even do half this stuff. She’s really showing up my mom who gave me a juice box and peanut butter sandwich. Go, Ming, go!

1. Pikachu, Pokemon

2. Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

3. Farm animal salad

4. Not-so-instant noodles

5. Totoro buns

6. Healthy Star Wars happy meal

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These bento boxes are too cute to eat.