What Do Girls Look for in a Guy? 12 Women Get Real on Camera

Aug 12, 2015 at 2:20 pm |

Guys, want to know what girls like? And how to be hot to girls? Experts have tried for decades to solve the eternal mystery. But nothing beats going right to the source. We ask 12 awesome women: what do girls look for in a guy? Think you know what they had to say? Think again. Their answers surprised us and they’ll probably surprise you.

Great arms, to a great sense of humor, to things guys do that girls love, like NOT talking during sex: these women get real for us. You’ll want to see this.

And ladies, what makes a guy attractive to you? Do you agree with our panel of babes? SHARE this video and tell a guy – he’ll thank you for it!

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Think you know what girls like? Think again. How about you, ladies, do you agree with our panel?