Weight Loss Secrets from a Thin Friend

May 6, 2015 at 11:00 am |

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Dieting might not be the only option.
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It’s puzzling that my good friend eats copious amounts of pizza and stays thin.  At first I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious, but then I realized she might be on to something good. While we must learn to love and embrace our own body, our ears still can’t seem to ignore passing trends about weight loss. So when my thin friend seemed to have discovered her own way of keeping weight off, I can’t help but take a few tips for myself.

This advice wasn’t intentional, but actually came from years of spending time together. For inquiring minds, I’ve sorted out the best of my weight loss secrets from my own thin friend.

Pizza On the Go

Before moving to New York I never understood New Yorkers obsession with pizza. It’s thin, not much cheese and isn’t exactly what I would call a meal. That seems to precisely be the fascination with pizza and girls on the go. It’s a quick snack that gives your carbs and energy to keep going.

Keep Moving

Of course you can’t eat pizza all day and sit on your butt. Our favorite pies lead us to staying skinny tip numero dos – walk everywhere. Seriously if you have the choice, walk versus anything else (train, car, airplane, scooter?) make the decision to walk. I spend most of the day walking with my thin friend and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Potato Chips for a Snack

When in line at the deli and you need something to hold you over, opt for a bag of potato chips (preferably one that’s lighter on the grease). Eating potato chips kind of goes with the idea of pizza as a snack. It’s salty vs. sweet in the snack race, a quick shot of carbs without the extreme overload of sugar that, say, a cupcake might deliver. After years with my thin friend I think I’m ready to cross over to team salty.

Start-of-the-Week Groceries

Do weekly grocery shopping. Having a stocked fridge and prepared meals for the week is incredibly helpful to stay on target with weight loss goals. Heading to your favorite restaurant is fun but think about how much money and calories you will save when eating at home.

And a Shot of Espresso

Lastly, always start your morning with a shot of espresso. My thin friend starts her day on the early side with freshly ground espresso shot. She is alert and ready for what the day brings. The espresso shot always helps keep her busy by diving into her personal work (bonus tip: staying busy doing what you love helps keep your mouth away from mindless eating).

While we all may have our own personal struggle with our bodies, it’s always fun to consult with friends to find out what works for them. When it comes to finding what lifestyle works for you. In the end, you gotta do what makes you happy.

Sometimes you need to take a tip or two from your thin friend to find out how to really lose those extra pounds.