The Perfect Summer Soup: Watermelon Gazpacho Recipe with Cilantro

Jul 31, 2015 at 11:28 am |

Are you dreaming of the winter? Neither are we. But we do miss the soup! Thankfully, there are some amazing summer recipes for gazpacho. We love this gazpacho recipe with watermelon, lime, sugar, and a pinch of spice using a serrano pepper. Yum….

Best part, it’s super easy to make! No careful chopping and no stove needed at all. All you need is a Vitamix or blender – throw everything in and blend!

Now be careful when you add the serrano peppers because this soup can get spicy! If you prefer a mild soup, cut your serrano pepper very thinly and remove any of the seeds before dropping in your soup. Or, try a shishito pepper instead, which is less aggressive than the serrano.

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This is the best gazpacho & it’s made with watermelon! Easy, cool, delicious and SO pretty in pink!