This Watermelon Bread Will Blow Your Mind

Jun 26, 2015 at 1:25 pm |


(Photo by Instagram / shin.jiunn)

So there you are on a hot summer day, sweating through your shirt. Your hair looks like static electricity and a deep fryer combined forces on your head, and all you want is something cool and soothing. How about a slice of bread! Oh- no? That doesn’t sound appealing at all? Duh.

In Taiwan, where apparently bread is important, they had the same issue. Children were refusing to eat their summer breads (I guess that’s a thing?). Well, Jimmy’s Bakery of Taiwan came up with a solution:

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Watermelon Bread, people. This stuff is flying off the shelves at Jimmy’s. It looks amazing doesn’t it? Kids, parents, dogs, zombies, everyone loves it!

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So how does it taste? Well, it tastes like regular bread. What did you expect? All of the different coloring are just natural dyes. Green tea for the rind, strawberry for the flesh, and charcoal for the seeds. Charcoal? Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect the flavor. Some recipes have replaced it though with raisins which looks equally tasty.

So, if you or you children are having trouble getting your daily dose of…bread…just head to Taiwan and stop by Jimmy’s Bakery.

Regular Bread = predictable. Watermelon Bread = mind-blown