This Phone App is Perfect for Your Morning Workout Routine

Jun 2, 2015 at 5:05 pm |

Interested in a Morning Workout Routine?

Need to get that blood flowing and the heart racing in the morning, but have limited time? Some of us have just too early of a morning to make it to the gym. And while the morning workout is a great idea;¬†for some of us, it’s just not an option.


Everyone has 7 minutes in the morning. Even the earliest of risers can take less than 10 minutes to do some physical activity that will, not only burn a few calories, but help you wake up and energize you for the day.

Best way to do it? Get a hold of Wahoo Fitness’s 7 Minute Workout. This is a super simple phone app that can help keep your body on the path to healthy (best nes, it’s free!).

7 minute workout by wahoo

(Photo by Wahoo)

A 7 Minute Workout Routine For Your Morning

I love this app for an early morning workout because it gives you everything you need, all you have to do is hit “start workout” and the app leads you through every exercise with audio and visual cues. There’s 12 exercises to do, each for 30 seconds, so you won’t get bored with just pushups or crunches.

As well, there are variations you can choose from to mix up your routine and concentrate on different types of workouts, from alternative exercises to a Pilates workout, you can even customize the workout to your own preference.

Every exercise comes with instructions and a short video so you do the exercise exactly as it’s intended. The videos are clear and simple. Like this:

Get the app today and don’t miss another morning workout!

Want to boost your heath and burn some calories, then you need this app!