This Is Why You’re Fat

Jul 24, 2015 at 12:26 pm |

When I was a chef I gained weight because I was eating jamon and foie gras almost everyday. I also hate working out, so obviously I gained a few pounds. I regret nothing! And neither do the people at the blog This Is Why You’re Fat. No, it’s not a body shaming site, it’s a devilishly delicious collection of over-the-top food porn. Peep photos of over the top burgers and cakes, food mashups, fried goodies and more. It is an arguably disgusting but desirous feast for your eyes. Hey, fat isn’t a bad thing. Love your body, love your food!

Check out some of their collection.

1. Melted nutella, chocolate and peanut butter cronut

2. Pizza layer cake

3. Donut ice cream sandwich tower

4. 10 burger burger because why have just one?

5. Giant meatball that probably took two hours to cook

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But we still love you.