This Giant Oreo Cake Is Here To Make You Jealous

Jul 24, 2015 at 3:00 pm |

I haven’t met a single person that didn’t appreciate an Oreo cookie. How can anyone resist the crumbled yet moist choco cookie filled with creamy delicious? Perfect for dunking in milk or even freezing and enjoying ice cold. The Oreo obsession has reached an all-time high with the various limited edition flavors available now. Check these out:

Oreo cakes are nothing new. You can mash up the cookies and stick them in and on just about any cake. But a Youtuber named Mosogourmet in Japan went ahead and made a massive Oreo filled with oreos. How meta of them! They say Americans like things bigger, but sometimes we are one-upped by other countries. Check out the process!

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