This Dairy Queen Will Take You Back in Time

Jun 23, 2015 at 1:33 pm |

We all love a good ice cream treat during the summer such as a classic snow cone or a delicious fudge bar. The only trouble is that every year, the ice cream bars get smaller and the snow cones don’t taste as authentic as they used to, right? Well not in Moorhead, Minnesota where the local Dairy Queen has been serving Dilly Bars and ice cream sundaes the exact same way they have been since 1949.

Unlike the some 5,000 other Dairy Queens around the world, Moorhead’s Dairy Queen is quite the exception. Their contract with Dairy Queen is the original from 1949, which gives them a lot of freedom when it comes to how they make their ice cream, and how they serve it. They don’t need to follow strict corporate rules, which allows them to make their own barbecue sauce, offer discontinued flavors, and—most importantly—hand-make their Dilly Bars.

Customers definitely appreciate it, the Moorhead Dairy Queen, which is only open for the spring and summer season has 1,200 customers in line on the day of its opening (despite a temperature of -11).

The Moorhead location serves more than original Dilly Bars, too. They serve, exclusively, a Monkey Tail which is a chocolate dipped frozen banana. Or a flaming sundae, which includes a sugar cube dipped in ‘something special’ and lit on fire. Try getting that one approved by Dairy Queen corporate!

While Moorhead may not be the destination vacation spot for many travelers, it may be the perfect place to take those ice cream lovers. What do you think? Would you love to check out this classic Dairy Queen.

Yas Queen. Moorhead, Minnesota is making dreams come true.