This Burger Has WHAT For Buns?!

Jul 28, 2015 at 5:05 pm |

Let’s face it, sometimes you have a great big juicy burger that so flavorful and cooked perfectly but it’s put on a crummy bun. Maybe the buns are chewy or doughy or just bland. Buns aren’t just vehicles to get the burger into your mouth, they are an integral part of the burger experience.

You might as well just eat meatballs or meatloaf then.

So forward thinking adults with the imaginations of children have come up with bun alternatives. Who needs bread when you can have fried mac and cheese? How about some of that college staple, ramen? In 2013 Keizo Shimamoto invented the ramen burger and opened up his restaurants Ramen Burger in NY & LA. It was even voted one of “The 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time” by Time Magazine. Check it out!

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