The New ‘It’ Girls: Models Over 60

May 5, 2015 at 8:55 am |

When it comes to age, fashion has been know to neglect a powerful demographic of woman who retain the highest disposable income. Youth is coveted and through the media we are all made envious of the appeal of living in your 20’s forever.

Not this year. Literary royalty, Joan Didion, graced the fall campaign for fashion powerhouse Céline and the internet broke. It’s now clear being in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and yes even 80s are looking more stylish than ever.

Céline Spring 2015 Campaign

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The shift makes sense since most young women the brands were previously targeting don’t necessarily have the funds to buy pieces from designer houses. Gorgeous, iconic and confident older women are appearing on the pages of beauty and fashion magazines and it can’t seem to agree with them more. Charlotte Rampling for Marc Jacobs and now Nars, Linda Rodin for the Row, Christy Turlington for Prada, Jason Wu and Calvin Klein, Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent – keep them coming, please and thank you.

With grey power setting in, we can’t help but noticing the trend being embraced into our culture. The documentary Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen follows stylish New York women in their older age. The movie bloomed from a successful blog and has now released a book under the same title.

This change in mentality about women’s beauty seems long overdue. Do you think using older women in fashion is timelessly cool or just a passing trend?

Models over 60: here to stay or a passing trend?