Spice Up Your Summer with a Chili Lime Fruit Salad

May 11, 2015 at 4:59 pm |

If you are like me, this time of year means BBQ’s, beach days, and picnics. It’s kind of like my way of saying farewell to winter (and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!). All this food, folks, & fun is so amazing for the soul, but let’s face it — hot dogs and hamburgers every weekend is not your friend to the waistline. Regardless of invite, whether if it’s a party or a small gathering of friends, I always offer to bring a dish with me. My go-to dish? ALWAYS a refreshing fruit salad.


(Photo by Olivia Ward)

As much as I LOVE a good kale salad, I don’t want to be THAT girl at every party. You know the one: the “here-comes-Olivia-she-only-eats-salad” type! I find most people love fruit and throwing some sliced fruit in a bowl is quick and E-A-S-Y. (Even with this fancy-free cooking option I still like to think as if I made some sort of effort.)

In this recipe, the star ingredient surprisingly is not found in the produce department, it’s found in the spice aisle! That’s right the “spice” to our Chili Lime Fruit Salad is none other than that old fashion chili powder. So, if you want to be the star at your next BBQ…read on and get choppin’!

Ingredients for Chili Lime Fruit Salad:


(Photo by Olivia Ward)

2 cups 1 inch diced cantaloupe
2 cups 1 inch diced honeydew melon
2 cups 1 inch diced pineapple
1 cup blueberries
1/2 cup blackberries (for garnish on top)
1 large or 2 small limes
1 1/2 tbsp honey
1 teaspoon chili powder
dash kosher salt


Begin by chopping up all your fruit (cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple) into one inch dices and place them in a large bowl. The cheapest option is always to buy the fruit whole and cut it yourself, but if you are pressed for time most grocery stores sell pre-chopped fruit in the cooler section of your produce department.


(Photo by Olivia Ward)

In a separate bowl start by adding the honey, dash of salt, and chili powder. Take both limes and zest all the green flesh into the bowl. I find using a small microplane works best for this task, but in a pinch an old fashion box grater will do the trick as well. After zesting both limes cut them in half and squeeze the juice right into the bowl. Now, whisk.


(Photo by Olivia Ward)

Before adding the dressing take the remaining 1 cup of blueberries and mix them into the melon mixture gently. Finally, pour the chili lime dressing on top of the fruit and again mix carefully. Once all the fruit is coated with the delicious dressing pour the fruit salad into a fun bowl or, even better, a hollowed out watermelon and garnish with the blackberries. Voila! You have now become the “Scale Friendly Culinary Goddess”! It’s simply about mixing everything!

Let me know if you have other ways to “spice” up your fruit salad in the comments section. Also, if you decide to try out this recipe, let us know your thoughts; it has quickly become a family favorite around our house!

Stay Happy & Healthy!!

Olivia xo

Don’t want to fill up on hamburgers and hot dogs all summer? Try this Chili Lime Fruit Salad at your next BBQ…