Sitting At Work Right Now? Get Up!

Jul 6, 2015 at 12:35 pm |

I hope you got some relaxing outdoors time during the holiday weekend. Maybe you indulged too much in the bbq and booze? Going back to work and sitting at your desk isn’t going to help you.

Duh, right? Well this educational short Ted Talk explains why we humans weren’t built to sit for long periods of times.

Not only are you not burning fats while sitting, you’re body isn’t getting enough oxygen. Sitting at your desk with bad posture like being slumped over creates uneven pressure on your spine which causes back problems. Sitting for long periods is also linked to cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Doctors have estimated that 9% of premature deaths is related to people being sedentary. That’s almost one in ten people!

So what can you do? Better posture and setting a timer to get up every 30 minutes. Or you can jump on the new movement to convert your desk to a standing desk. I’m sitting while I write this. Pardon me while I get up to stretch my legs. Gotta help my body process that 4th of July cheeseburger and hot dog and tacos and chicken and chips…

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