Say Bye-Bye to the Puffy Eyes!

Jul 7, 2015 at 11:40 am |

I don’t know about you but I live on the daily with puffy, dark circles under my eyes. I wish I could say it was from an all-night rager; however, I am old and well, relatively boring! I don’t get enough sleep and my genetics prove that these circles are here to stay. However, I have a few aces up my sleeve to keep these peepers looking wide eyed and bright.

1. Skyn Iceland, Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

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You have seen celebrities daunting these in their “I am in the make up chair getting ready for my close up” Instagrams. I didn’t get what all the fuss was about until I was in the chair myself and my favorite make-up artist whipped them out of her kit. These eye gel patches infuse the under eye with with Icelandic glacial waters and concentrated doses of firming ingredients to de-puff, tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These were a must have for my wedding day and I must say they work wonders. There we are in the photo. Now, I use these for special occasions but if you want to use every day, be my guest. For such a luxurious product, 8 pairs for $30 was a bargain IMHO. I usually purchase mine at Ulta.

2. Kiehl’s, Midnight Recovery Eye

kiehls eye cream


I love a Kiehl’s moisturizer just as the next gal, but to be honest I haven’t ventured out too much on their other product lines. I received a sample of Midnight Recovery Eye and LOVED it. This is true beauty sleep! This over night eye cream gives dehydrated skin an intense moisture boost while reducing puffiness and diminishes dark circles. This lil wonder also helps with circulation and reduces inflammation. I have an arsenal of eye cream samples that I throw out every month, this one was a winner. I also use this when I fly as my skin always feels dehydrated. As mama always said, “It’s never too early to start anti-aging.” I wish I would have listened! I have had mine for at least 2 months and still have plenty left. $36.

3. Benefit, Puff Off

benefit puff off


I did NOT want to like this product. I have a similar product to this from First Aid Beauty that I didn’t love. However, this is my go to for every day eye moisture and de-puffing. This product comes in a squeeze tube with a metal applicator on the tip. This metal tip is used to disperse the product and to massage the cream onto the under eye area. It feels UH-MAZE-ING, especially the cooling properties first thing in the morning. The cream is also slightly tinted, so in the Summer, you can ditch that heavy concealer! Genius, really. $29

4. Origins, Limited Edition Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Eye Cream

origins eye cream


First off, I get antsy when things say “Limited Edition” — it makes me ANGRY. Why bring out a great product then TAKE it away? Ugh. This is one of those. It was my perfect excuse to buy two bottles. At $45 it was a little pricier then others I tried but there was a good reason. I usually use a serum and cream under the eyes and this product is all of that rolled into one perfect serum. It uses chamomile and algae to pump up the fragile under eye skin, hydrates and absorbs instantly while visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkle in just 2 weeks. Believe the hype — it’s real! $43

5. Good ol’ fashioned pure aloe vera gel

aloe plant

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There were many times when I was too broke to buy eye cream, especially during my youth. When I needed it from being out in the sun, not sleeping enough and never drinking enough water. When I first got out of college and stepped into the real world, flat broke, I would buy a bottle of pure aloe vera gel and put it in the fridge. Every morning and night I would drench two small sections of paper towels with it and place them under my eye. As you all know aloe is perfect for sunburns due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties, which is another term for de-puffing! It didn’t do much for the dark circles. It helped, however, with puffy eyes and I have those a lot. You can get a bottle for literally $5! Just make sure it is 100% pure and you are good to go.

My top 5 products for losing those puffy, dark circles.