Salad Dressing Hack

Jul 10, 2015 at 3:02 pm |

I take my salads seriously. With healthy eating, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a really great salad. One with lots of goodies like fresh veggies, tangy cheese, and crunchy bits. A good salad takes time to make. And what can ruin it in seconds? Too much dressing. It’s easy to accidentally add to much dressing and there’s nothing you can do to take it out.

One popular phrase in most professional kitchens is that “You can always add more. You can’t take it out.” Always remember this for dressings and salt. A popular request for salads in restaurants is dressing on the side. You think you are controlling the amount of fat, but customers end up putting more than the chef use as they just dump in on top instead of properly tossing it. So if you are cautious about your calories or don’t trust a restaurant, just ask them to go easy on the dressing.

salad dressing

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It bothers and angers me that lots of bottled salad dressings don’t come with a small opening at the top. My favorite brands like Newman’s and Annie’s just open up to the bottle, which can be dangerous. Tilt your hand one degree too much and you end up pouring half a cup instead of a couple of tablespoons. What to do? Pour out a portion in a small bowl or cup then into your salad. At work or don’t want to dirty another dish? Use the lid of the bottle as a measuring cup.

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Do you ever put too much dressing in your salad?