The New Donut Ice Cream Cone: Cinnabon Ice Cream Cones

Mar 7, 2016 at 4:41 pm |

Cinnabon Cones, Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Cone

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Doughnut cones are all the rage. And the churro ice cream cone had its 15 minutes. But we are super into these Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Cones because we can actually make these at home in under 20 minutes, and impress the heck out of everyone we know! See us make it in the video and get the easy recipe below.

Donut Ice Cream Cones were created in a cafe in Prague and they immediately had us wondering: how do we get one of these, now? Recipes popped up all over the web but they didn’t exactly look so easy.

Then we heard about the Churro Ice Cream Cones and those also look fantastic. But again, we couldn’t get our hands on them and making churros was out of the question because of what happened last time. (long story) Enter the Cinnabon Ice Cream Cone!

We invented Cinnabon Ice Cream Cones out of laziness but sometimes the best things come about that way. Cinnamon Rolls come right out of the package and in 15 minutes they become doughy holders of delicious ice cream. And you can use that frosting as a syrup for your ice cream cone. Yummmm. If you want the perfect snack and you want to wow your family and friends, you must make these!

this video so your friends can experience these amazingly easy Cinnabon Ice Cream Cones!

Cinnabon Ice Cream Cones

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Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Cones are the new doughnut cones and best of all: you can make these at home in under 20 minutes!



1Create a funnel shape using the cardboard, staple the edges so that it stays in that shape (Do not use tape to hold the shape because you will be baking it.)

2Cover the shape thoroughly and completely in aluminum foil

3Unroll 2-3 cinnamon rolls so they are in long strips

4Spray the cone in Pam spray

5Wrap the cinnamon roll strips around the cone and use your hands to mold and press the strips together so there are no exposed areas and the seams are connected. Make sure the tip of the cone is sealed up.

6Bake the cone at 375 for 15 minutes, or according to package directions, baking until golden brown

7Let cone cool to the touch, remove from mold and fill with your favorite ice cream